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5 People Found Injured after an Air Force CV-22 Crashes

Air Force members aboard the CV-22 Osprey crashed in Florida last Wednesday. All of the 5 people on the Osprey suffered injuries. There is still no word on the severity of the injuries suffered, but it is reported that 2 of the members were taken in an ambulance, while the other 3 were flown to the hospital. As of yet, no one knows the cause of the crash. Investigators are still in the midst of investigating the accident.

Aircraft crashes happen more often than anyone would like to think, although they are much less common than an automobile accident. Most Maryland accidents that occur by aircraft are due to a faulty part or negligent pilot. This is especially common with smaller aircrafts. Poor maintenance of the aircraft is also a concern.

If you find yourself victim in an aircraft accident in Maryland, hire a Washington DC accident attorney. They will build you case using their experience and knowledge. They will even hire investigators if necessary. An accident attorney in Maryland and Washington DC will be knowledgeable of all the possible factors that may cause an aircraft of any kind to crash. This will be helpful when they are representing you in court.

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