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Advice from a PG County Personal Injury Lawyer: Don’t File Your Own Insurance Claim!

When you have a PG County car accident with or without injuries, you’ll want to make sure your insurance company is aware of the accident, whether or not you are at fault.  It is also likely that you’ll need to communicate with the other driver’s insurance company.  Many people assume it will be faster and more cost effective to handle their claim on their own, but in most cases, that’s far from the truth.

Here are eight reasons why – if you’ve been involved in a car accident – you should almost always get a PG County Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your case.

  1. An insurance company claims examiner is a highly trained professional who thinks he or she knows how the law applies to injury cases. However, what they’re REALLY educated in is how to defeat or minimize payment of claims, and how to use the vulnerability of injured people to their company’s advantage.


  1. How do they do this? They speak with you directly, hoping you’ll verbally minimize the severity of your injuries; many claims reps don’t adequetely consider the cost of pain and suffering, how long it will take the body to heal and the inconveniences associated with both damaged vehicles and injuries.


  1. When you’ve been injured, getting help from a qualified medical specialist is key to your healing. Victims For the insurance company who has to pay your claim, there is no consideration for how vital it is for you to have access to the right doctors and professionals.


  1. Insurance adjusters are highly skilled at reading medical bills and will frequently assume the roles of judges and juries in their evaluations. They will “disallow” charges that are legally compensable and – to an unrepresented victim, may sound like they are the authorities. In many cases, that adjuster is wrong, and the software upon which they rely was designed by insurance companies to minimize payouts. A skilled PG County personal injury lawyer will make sure this doesn’t happen in your case.


  1. Insurance adjusters have a good idea of what similar claims are worth; the unrepresented individual has no idea.  An insurance adjuster will lead the injured to believe one claim covers a host of areas, when in fact, there are several opportunities for fair and reasonable compensation in many areas.


  1. Insurance Adjusters are highly skilled and experienced negotiators; the unrepresented is not.  An experienced PG County Insurance Lawyer is just as (if not more skilled) than the adjuster and won’t let the insurance company take advantage of a victim’s lack of knowledge.


  1. Insurance Adjusters often under-value claims because they have the power of possession of the money and can leverage the injured party’s need for a quick settlement into an ultimate self-inflicted sellout. If the Adjuster thinks the injured person is anxious to receive the money, the lower the ultimate offer will be when compared to the real value of the claim. With an experienced PG County Personal Injury Attorney, those under-valued claims will not go unnoticed and the goal will be to get you the maximum amount allowable for your injuries, impairments and associated economic losses.


  1. The Adjusters have a team of lawyers at their beck and call whose job it is to find ways to lowball or avoid paying claims. In the meantime, they’re hoping the unrepresented party will have no professional assistance from an experienced lawyer.

Getting a PG County Personal Injury Lawyer

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