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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Maryland

Getting around on a bicycle in Maryland can save a lot of money and time. It’s a convenience that is great for your physical health, can help you avoid traffic, and saves wear and tear on your wallet and the environment.

Unfortunately, it comes with hazards that are all too common in high vehicle traffic cities. One of the most common accidents that occurs is commonly referred to as getting “doored.” This happens when a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle opens the door in front of a cyclist or leaves the door open in a high traffic area for too long, and a cyclist is hit by that car door.

Maryland law states that a driver may not open a door on the side of moving traffic unless it is safe to do so and may not leave the door open for longer than is necessary to load and unload passengers. If the driver has left the door open longer than necessary, it is considered negligence, and the driver or passenger can be deemed at fault. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident after getting doored, you need to contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Maryland. 

What to Do After You Have Been Doored

The most important thing to do after being doored on a bicycle is to get any necessary medical treatment. Wait for the appropriate paramedics or, if necessary, allow an ambulance to transport you to the nearest emergency room for examination and treatment.

Next, a police report is crucial to documenting the accident when there are injuries, and it is also important to obtain the names and personal information of the driver of the vehicle involved. After this, you will need to file an insurance claim. This is where a lawyer comes in. 

How a Lawyer Can Help 

A bicycle accident lawyer knows the laws surrounding getting doored and will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. It is strongly advised that you not attempt to deal with the insurance companies on your own when you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.

Even when fault is determined, it is the insurance adjuster’s goal is to pay out as little as possible, and they have a legal team that helps them do just that. It is important that you have the same experience on your side. 

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Maryland 

Our attorneys at The Lapidus Law Firm have experience with representing bicyclists who have been doored and injured in such accidents. We have represented several clients with favorable outcomes and are committed to working on your behalf.

We will examine the details of your case and advise you on how best to proceed with the goal of obtaining a fair, reasonable settlement. Contact us at (301) 852-7500 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation today. 

By award-winning lawyer Lawrence S. Lapidus

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