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Maryland Single Vehicle Accident Kills Three and Injures Two

Over the weekend, a single vehicle crash killed three and injured two. Those involved were among the ages of 19 to 21 years old.

On Saturday November 17, 2012, a group of five young men and women were driving east on Prospect Road in Hartford County when the driver of the vehicle had suddenly lost control and hit a tree. The impact caused the vehicle to split in two pieces. The pieces were found at least 100ft away from one another when officials arrived at the scene.

Three people were pronounced dead on the scene, Tyler G. Anderson, 21, Shawn R. Ponton, 21, and Alexzandria O. McDowell, 20. The other two, Theresa M. Owensby, 19, and David E. Clark, 21, were flown to the hospital for treatment.

It isn’t believed that alcohol had anything to do with the cause of the accident. However, it still remains under investigation.

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