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Maryland Workplace Accidents are Bountiful, Costing Millions

In just a few years’ time, Maryland has paid out hundreds of millions in work related accidents, an amount that is becoming a serious concern.

In an article written for the Huffington Post, the concern over the amount of money for work related injuries and deaths were evident. Between 2008 and 2010, over $700 million was paid out to injured employees. Many in which were construction workers.

Other than transportation industry deaths, construction deaths were ranked highest. There were 55 construction related deaths in between 2008 and 2010, a matter that Maryland plans on looking into.

The state of Maryland now plans on buckling down on the costs paid out to work related injuries as well as looking into working with reputable construction companies rather than subcontractors and companies with a history of accidents.

Work related accidents have been at a high for nearly every state in the past few years. It is especially typical of those working in industries include heavy machinery, equipment, tools, and that are exposed to dangerous work environments.

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