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PG County Personal Injury Lawyer Shares 4 Reasons You Should NEVER Minimize Your Pain

If you are anything like most people when you aren’t feeling well, and someone asks, “How are you,” your typical response might be, “I’m okay.” While that may be standard amongst your peers and acquaintances no matter how you feel, that common answer has no place when it comes to those moments immediately following a car accident or when communicating with the insurance company thereafter.

Your Maryland personal injury lawyer knows all too well what happens when clients “downplay” their injuries.  The impact extends far beyond that initial conversation noted above.  Here are the Top 4 Reasons your injuries should never be minimized.

1.      You Can’t Go About Your Day as Usual

When you are injured in a PG County car accident, your life is significantly impacted.  If you are experiencing pain that affects your day to day interactions and tasks, that injury should not be characterized as minor.   In fact, PG County personal injury lawyers would encourage you to seek medical treatment as soon as possible while, in the meantime, they prepare to seek fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

2.      A Police Report Will NOT be Written

When a car accident victim tries to file a claim for their injuries after a car accident, the insurance company will request a copy of the police report for their own investigations.  However, if you didn’t request an ambulance or medical treatment at the accident scene, the responding police officer will not write a police report unless he or she issues a citation.

He or she will instead file an “exchange of information” insurance form, which does not support your claim that your injuries were sustained as a direct result of the car accident.  A police report will serve as official documentation of your injuries and will help your Prince George’s County personal injury lawyer obtain a settlement favorable to you.

3.      Your Injuries Could Get Worse

Because injuries from a car accident are so physically traumatic, the likelihood of injuries healing on their own is slim to none. Without proper treatment, injuries received in a car crash will likely worsen over the course of hours or even days.  Worst case scenario, some injuries left untreated can be fatal. 

Also, consider injuries sustained by a more mature individual; the older an injured person is, the longer it will take to recover from car accident injuries.  Therefore, foregoing treatment immediately after an injury is never wise.

4.      Insurance Companies are Counting Each Day

No matter how severe your injury is, when you don’t receive medical treatment, you inadvertently send a message that it must not be all that bad.  Insurance adjusters are the individuals who review your claim, and they are “bean counters” with respect to the time you wait after the car accident to get to the doctor for medical treatment.

And it doesn’t stop there:  they also count the days between the treatments you receive from the medical doctor. What’s more:  following the doctor’s orders can also have an impact on your settlement.  If the injured person follows the doctor directions, there are no problems; if not, the settlement offer could be far less than it otherwise would be had you specifically followed your treatment plan.

PG County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a PG County car accident, you need to make the one phone call that can have a significant impact on how you are compensated for your injuries.  Call the PG County personal injury lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm today for a free consultation at (301) 605-4296.

We will walk you through each step of the legal process and make it our priority to secure a fair and reasonable settlement for your injuries.  You are not alone, and we are here to stand up for your rights.

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