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Written by award-winning Metro DC Personal Injury Lawyer Lawrence S. Lapidus

It goes without saying:  the more cars on the road, the more car accidents there will be. So just think about those times of the year filled with people going on vacation, holiday travel, a time when kids aren’t in school, and lots of people are taking off work.  Sounds like THIS time of year, doesn’t it?

As much fun as summer may be for us all, it is, in fact, one of the deadliest times to be on the road – and there are some key reasons why.

3 Reasons Warm Weather Travel Can Be More Dangerous

There are more people on the highways than usual – There are several holidays during the warmer weather months.  It begins with Memorial Day, leads into The Fourth of July then wraps up with Labor Day weekend.  These holidays mean a little more time off work and a lot more time to get on the road and travel to see friends and family. 

People may tend to relax a little more – The windows are down, the music is on, and there are good vibes all around.  However, that doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen.   No matter how warm or how relaxed you may be, buckle up – and make sure everyone in your car does too.

There may be more alcohol involved – Summer is synonymous with cocktails, beer, wine, and any other alcoholic beverage that compliments the warm weather with a cooling down effect.  However, when the alcohol is free-flowing, and people are feeling extra-relaxed (see above), he or she may not realize when they’ve had too much to drink.

Staying Safe While Traveling

Give Yourself Plenty Of Travel Time – When you leave with enough time take it slow and to anticipate delays, you’ll have ample time to get to your destination.  It seems that EVERYONE is in your way when you’re running late, but when you’re on time, other drivers may not seem so daunting.  Leave with plenty of drive time to make for a stress-free trip.  Avoid traveling between 11:00 pm-  5:00 am.  This is

the time where the most serious injuries are incurred when vehicles collide. 

Avoid the Busiest Times of Travel – Check the traffic reports and destination websites for the areas where you will be traveling.  Learn the busiest travel times and try to avoid them as best as possible.

Wear Your Seatbelt – Buckle up before you begin driving.  Too many people don’t buckle up immediately, but when you consider that many car accidents happen within that first mile of driving, you should think twice about delaying that seatbelt buckling process.  And remember – it takes about 3 seconds from start to finish to get the job done.

Metro DC Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are traveling in the Metro DC area during the summer months, know that you have an extra layer of protection if you are involved in an accident.  Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we have four decades of experience in representing clients who have been injured in auto accidents across the Metro DC region.  Should you be in need of a car accident lawyer in PG County, anywhere else in Maryland, or in Washington, DC, we can help. 

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