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DC Injury Lawyer

Have you been injured because of someone else’s negligence? Your DC Injury Lawyer Can Help.

You’re not alone in your search for a qualified DC Injury Lawyer.  And we know it can be difficult to find that one lawyer who is the right fit for you and your personal injury case. But rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.


We bring to you nearly 4 decades of experience in representing personal injury clients who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.  Our clients come to us from a variety of different situations: many are suffering from car or truck accident injuries, and we have other clients who are dealing with medical malpractice, slip and fall injuries, pedestrian accidents and more.   Even more devastating are those clients who come to us on behalf of a loved one who is suffering from catastrophic injuries.  Additionally, we also represent those individuals who lost a loved one because of the negligence of someone else.  In this case, we help in filing a wrongful death lawsuit and fight aggressively to ensure a fair and reasonable settlement is offered.

Each case is very different; no two are the same. However, there is one commonality to be found in every case that crosses the desk of DC Personal Injury Lawyer Larry Lapidus.

The Common Goal

Attorney Larry Lapidus is at the helm of The Lapidus Law Firm, and when you get representation from this law firm, you can guarantee that your case will get the personal attention it deserves. Whether it is you or your loved one, no one deserves to suffer because of someone else’s negligence, and it is the goal of Mr. Lapidus and his talented team, to make sure the appropriate parties are held responsible.

In many cases, that responsibility falls on not just the person who caused the accident – but also – the insurance company.

Insurance Claims

The Lapidus Law Firm takes great pride in challenging insurance companies who do not uphold their moral obligation to offer fair and reasonable settlements to the injured.  Many people don’t know it, but their goal is to settle with you – the injured – for as little as possible (if anything at all). The insurance adjusters know that the stress created by the accident on the quality of your life can take a toll, so they offer lowball dollar amounts that are not enough to cover the value of the pain you suffered, the inconvenience you endured, and the challenges your impairments have created. Too many people accept that offer, but in reality, they could increase that settlement offer significantly with the help of a DC Injury Lawyer Larry Lapidus.

DC Injury Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident?  Call The Lapidus Law Firm today for a free, no obligation consultation.  We will work tenaciously to get you a fair and reasonable settlement and will keep you informed through each step of the legal process.  Contact us to get started at (202) 785-5111.

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