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What Kind of Settlement Will I Receive?

No one can tell you in advance how much compensation you will get from a personal injury settlement. There are multiple factors to consider, including— most importantly—the extent and nature of your injuries.  Washington DC Personal injury settlements all depend on facts unique to your situation.
Personal injury settlements contain some or all of the following types of damages:

Special Damages

At a minimum, an injury settlement in the DC Metro area contains special damages, which can be proven exactly. Typically, special damages consist of medical bills, prescription costs, the cost of medical equipment and hospital stays, etc. Special damages also include lost wages, lost vacation time, lost sick leave, and travel expenses for trips to and from your medical appointments.

 General Damages

Personal injury settlements also contain general or non-economic damages. These losses include pain and suffering, both physical and mental, any permanent physical disfigurement or disability, and the emotional toll of missing social and family events. Inconvenience is compensable in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.   There is no set ‘formula” to determine a settlement amount, but there are legitimate steps an injured person can take that will produce a fairer and more reasonable settlement than could be achieved by not following legal advice. These factors will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer. Such damages are almost never available in automobile cases because the victim must show that the at-fault driver intentionally wanted to harm the victim. Maryland and D.C. courts do not allow juries to award punitive damages for drunken driving.

So, How Much will I get from an Injury Settlement?

There is no way to know in advance how much compensation you will receive in your personal injury settlement in the Washington DC Metro Area.  Here are some factors that will affect the outcome of a case:

  • Are you a good, sympathetic witness? What about other witnesses on your side?
  • Is the defendant a good witness?
  • How effective are other witnesses?
  • Where is your case filed?  Verdicts vary widely by jurisdiction in our local area.
  • Does your doctor believe your injuries are permanent?
  • Do the medical records and other documents fully support your claim?

For Skilled Legal Service

With offices in Washington, DC and Maryland Lawrence S. Lapidus is your ideal Maryland personal injury lawyer. Mr. Lapidus regularly represents clients in—

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  • Mitchellville, MD

A good personal injury lawyer will do everything possible to maximize your settlement.

Contact the offices of Lawrence S. Lapidus, a DC Metro Area Injury Lawyer with 35 years of experience, about your injury and the potential value of your case.