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Bed Bugs

If you have experienced bed bug bites, we may be able to help.  Simply click on the link below to fill out our 60-second survey and we’ll be in touch soon. 


Please note: The Lapidus Law Firm does NOT accept bed bug claims in residential properties (houses, apartments, condos, etc).  We focus primarily on bed bug claims in hotels and motels.

If you experience the latter, get photos, report the bed bug incident to management, and try to get to a medical doctor as soon as possible, so your bed bug bites can be well documented and so you can get the proper care you need. 

When you’re staying in a hotel, you have some expectations in mind.  Even if your hotel of choice isn’t top of the line, you reasonably hope for a clean space, free of bugs, insects, and other vermin, right?  So, what do you do when that doesn’t happen?  First, know that you aren’t alone.  The same thing happened to one of our clients recently, and they called the Bed Bug Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm for help.

The Bed Bug Story

They were staying at what one might describe as a “luxurious” hotel in Virginia.  Their weekend stay, however, was cut short because the hotel failed to provide the guests with a room free of bed bugs. During each night of their stay, each member of the family was bitten by bed bugs all over their bodies. 

They did exactly what they should have done: complained to the hotel manager and received follow-up care from a dermatologist. They also did one thing that made all the difference:  they contacted The Lapidus Law Firm.  We employed our 40+ years of personal injury law experience and worked tenaciously on this case.  In the end, the family received a verdict that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Have You Been Bitten By Bed Bugs in a Hotel?

If you or a loved one experiences bed bug bites in a hotel, follow these steps:

  1. Try to take videos and pictures of the bed bugs in the hotel room. This includes getting photos of the bugs on the mattresses.
  2. Write down the hotel room number where you stayed.  
  3. Take photos of the bed bug bites on your body.
  4. Immediately notify the hotel management once you discover you have been bitten by bed bugs and write down the hotel manager’s name and contact information obtaining the manager’s card if possible.        
  5. Document your conversation with the hotel manager – what you said to the manager and what the manager said to you.  If you fill out a complaint form, make sure to take a copy for yourself. 
  6. Do not continue to stay in your room where there are bed bugs. 
  7. Take a picture of the hotel stationary and any signage indicating the hotel brand.  
  8. Immediately seek treatment with a dermatologist. 
  9. Call the Lapidus Law Firm.  

Bed Bug Attorneys in DC and Maryland 

We must note: past success is not a guarantee of future success with any bed bug lawsuit. Each result depends on the specific facts and medical treatment involved in every case. 

If you or a loved one is bitten by a bed bug, call your team of experienced Bed Bug Attorneys right here at The Lapidus Law Firm.  Our attorneys are committed to your case and determine if we believe a fair and reasonable settlement is a possibility.  If we take your case, we will walk you through each step of the legal process so you are informed throughout the duration of your case. Call us today to get started at (202) 785-5111.  We can help!