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Slip & Fall Accidents in DC, MD & VA

Slip & Fall Claims

A slip and fall – no matter where it happens – should not be taken lightly. The victim can suffer life-changing injuries – that in some cases, could lead to death.  When that slip and fall happens in a business, in someone’s home or on public property, there are others factors you need to consider:  could this slip and fall (and ultimately, your pain and suffering) have been prevented? Did someone else’s negligence contribute to your fall?

You’ll need to contact a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer right here in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to help.

When Slip and Fall Injuries Happen

It happens in a split second:  one minute, you’re walking upright focused on getting to your destination.  The next minute, you’re on the ground, trying to figure out what just happened.   A Slip and Fall Lawyer will tell you: what you do next can have a huge impact on whether or not you will be able to receive a settlement for your injuries.

If you think you may be injured, get to a doctor as soon as possible.  And don’t brush off what might seem to be a minor injury; even if no bones are broken, don’t rule out calling 911 and going to the hospital just to be checked out… you could end up with long-lasting pain and/or impairments.

Why You Should Get An Experienced Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is imperative that you focus on your health and healing.  Your lawyer will step in and relieve you of the responsibility of trying to determine whether a managing agent understands all the laws surrounding your case.  It can be difficult to understand the laws surrounding Slip and Fall Accidents, but you can rest easy knowing that your DC region slip and fall attorney does know the laws and will work to make sure your rights are protected.

Someone should be held accountable for your slip and fall injuries, and the attorneys at The Lapidus Law Firm work tenaciously to make sure that happens.

How to Find a DC or Maryland Slip and Fall Lawyer

The lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm are conveniently located in downtown Washington, DC, and serve DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  When you choose us, you’ll gain a personal injury lawyer with over four decades of experience.  We won’t tell you to take just any lowball settlement; instead, we will find every area in which you are entitled to compensation and then will aim for the maximum amount in a settlement.

Slips and Falls In and Around Businesses

Walking in and out of businesses is a part of life.  You go to the grocery store, and you go to the pharmacy, you go to restaurants and clothing stores.  Hair salons, ice cream shops, gas stations… going from business to business is, put simply, a part of life in the DC area – and everywhere else.

Suppose one day you’re walking into one of the many businesses you frequent regularly or otherwise.  Instead of casually strolling through the front doors to handle your business, your seemingly simple errand comes to an abrupt stop.  The next thing you know, you’re on the ground trying to figure out what just happened.

Either way, your Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer will conduct an investigation to determine why you fell and whether you have a viable claim. At The Lapidus Law Firm, your lawyer not only guides you through the legal process but will also investigate to determine if previous complaints have been made about the hazard or against the property owner.

A freshly mopped, wet floor is a common place for a slip and fall to occur, but also consider uneven sidewalks, ice, existing hazards (such as debris or equipment), ramps, construction areas, or unkept/unmaintained property.  Your Slip and Fall Lawyer will not only guide you through the legal process but will also investigate to determine if previous complaints have been made about the hazard or against the property owner.

Who is Liable for Your Slip and Fall Accident?

When you walk into a business, you shouldn’t have to worry about your safety.  On the other hand, the mere fact that an injury occurs does not mean the owner is liable.  To find out which category your injury claim falls into, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

There will also likely be a question as to whether or not you did anything that contributed to the fall, such as running or looking at a phone or whether you should have seen the hazard which caused the fall.  The business owner (and their team of lawyers) will probably try to say you played a crucial role in why you fell.

Getting a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, call a personal injury lawyer at The Lapidus Law Firm today for a free consultation. Our Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers are well versed in taking on – and winning slip-and-fall accident cases.  With four+ decades of experience fighting for the rights of slip and fall victims, you won’t be disappointed with the commitment you get from The Lapidus Law Firm.

Don’t wait any longer because you can receive fair and reasonable compensation not just for the injuries you sustained in your slip and fall accident but also for pain and suffering, lost income, and inconvenience.  Call The Lapidus Law Firm today.  We will fight to make it right.