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DC Malpractice Lawyers

Anytime a doctor is negligent in his or her duties, and the result is physical pain, mental anguish, further medical expenses, and lost income, you may be able to file a claim for medical malpractice. However, laws differ from state to state, and there are quite a few gray areas …

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland

Written by Personal Injury Lawyer Lawrence S. Lapidus Negligence behavior is all around us. It’s probably not something you think about (or want to think about), but personal injuries and accidents due to someone else’s negligence occur every single day. And so many times, the victims are not getting the …

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New Year, New Insurance

Written By Lawrence S. Lapidus We’re already into March, and with the new year comes new resolutions and new routines. And while the beginning of 2020 may have had you starting a new diet or exercise plan, there may be something you didn’t change that is well worth your consideration. …

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Bed Bug Lawyer

Hotels can be very generous in what they allow their guests to keep as mementos of their stay. Stationery, pens, mini shampoo, and conditioner bottles, maybe even a robe if the hotel is luxurious. But what about bed bug bites? Needless to say, that’s one thing no traveler ever wants …

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Dog Bite Lawyer in Maryland

Dogs are wonderful animals. They make fantastic companions and bring joy to so many people across the world. However, when paired with the wrong owners, dogs can inflict quite a bit of pain upon unsuspecting people. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 4.7 million people are bitten by …

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DC Car Accident Attorney

Long commutes, heavy traffic, limited time, and frustration are all factors that lead to accidents on the roadways of our nation’s capital. While the rush and heavy traffic are the norms here, it doesn’t stop many drivers from placing their time constraints ahead of safety. In 2019, there were twenty-six …

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