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Speed Limit Reduction in Veirs Mill

Less than 6 months after a fatal pedestrian accident on Veirs Mill Road in Montgomery County, the speed limit where that tragic accident occurred will finally be reduced.  The change came from the State Highway Administration, after a request from Rockville.  

More Details About The Speed Limit Change

It isn’t a drastic change, but may very well have an impact on the possibility of future fatal accidents. According to Rockville Reports, “The speed limit will now be 35 mph, down from 40 mph, between Edmonston Drive and Twinbrook Parkway. The change makes the speed limit consistent with that of other sections of the road, which is also known as MD 586. SHA is expected to update speed limit signs over the next two months.” 

What Prompted The Change? 

Back on December 26th of 2023, Rockville police were called to an accident scene for a reported collision. When they arrived, they found a pedestrian who was pronounced dead, who was later identified as a 70-year old woman named Teresa Moreno De Mejia. 

According to WUSA 9, “A preliminary investigation revealed the victim was crossing Veirs Mill Road at Atlantic Avenue when she was hit by two cars. Police were looking for a third car at one point but later determined the woman was only hit by the two cars.  The drivers of the two cars remained on the scene.”

It was a sad story coming in the midst of the holiday season, but perhaps some good will come out of it, with the speed limit reduction on this busy stretch of road. The timing of the change aligns with the county’s Vision Zero Plan, which states. “After a fatal crash in Rockville, the Montgomery County Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) manages the crash investigation and prepares the CRU crash report. Unlike property damage or minor injury crashes, this process can take several weeks to complete. While the CRU prepares its report, the city conducts a Vision Zero Post-Crash Inspection.”

Pedestrian Accidents in Montgomery

Despite the goal to reduce and altogether eliminate fatal accidents in Montgomery County, they’re still unfortunately happening. That’s why there is a team of experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm, dedicated to providing stellar legal representation to the families of fatal pedestrian accident victims. 

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Written by Larry Lapidus


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