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Lawyer in DC

Choosing the Best Lawyer in DC for Your Case

DC Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve landed here, on this website because you or someone you know may be in need of a lawyer in DC.  As you do your research to find the best attorney, you’ll need to follow some critical steps to make sure your lawyer in DC has the skillset required to obtain a favorable outcome as your case makes its way through the legal system.

Ample Experience

There are, obviously, lawyers in DC of all experience levels; however, one of the best ways to narrow down your options is to start with a lawyer in DC who has multiple years of practice. When a DC personal injury lawyer has a history of experience, that also means he or she has had time to refine his or her skills, and that is one way to make sure your case is in good hands.


You’ll see awards posted on many DC personal injury lawyer’s website as you try to find your lawyer, but look a little closer and see if the award was earned because of a specific skill level.  For example, is you’re the lawyer in DC you are considering for hire displaying a badge on his or her website because they’re a part of a directory or did they earn the award because of their exceptional work?  The latter will serve your case much better than the former.

Great Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to gauge what your experience might be with a particular lawyer in DC.  Don’t just skim over the reviews… look specifically at what the experiences might be from former clients.  When you see a pattern of happy former clients and 5-star feedback, you can be confident that you found the right lawyer to handle your case.

Current Website Content

As you comb through the websites, look for the law firm that cares about sharing great, informative blogs and articles for its readers and potential clients (like you).  If the law firm you are considering doesn’t bother to keep its own business’ website up to date, they may not make your needs a priority either.  Do they keep their website current with beneficial information?  Is the information relevant? If yes, you may have found the lawyer in DC that is right for you!

Lawyer in DC

As you narrow down the search for your lawyer in DC, consider obtaining representation from Larry Lapidus of The Lapidus Law Firm. Mr. Lapidus brings to you four decades of experiences as a lawyer in DC.  His numerous awards include 35 consecutive years of receiving the highest possible peer review ratings from Martindale-Hubbell (a trusted legal resource), as well as recognition for his exceptional litigation skills, ethical commitment, and client service. 

Mr. Lapidus receives exceptional client reviews online, all of which are current and proudly displayed on his website.  Plus, he prides himself on transparency with his clients and makes consistent communication throughout the legal process smooth and seamless. 

If you are in search of a lawyer in DC, call The Lapidus Law Firm today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation at (202) 785-5111.  You’ve just found your lawyer in DC!

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