Bed Bug Lawyer

Hotels can be very generous in what they allow their guests to keep as mementos of their stay. Stationery, pens, mini shampoo, and conditioner bottles, maybe even a robe if the hotel is luxurious. But what about bed bug bites?

Needless to say, that’s one thing no traveler ever wants to bring home from a hotel. So, what happens if you are the victim of bed bug bites from a hotel? Call me, Michael Lapidus.  I’m your experienced and skilled your bed bug lawyer at The Lapidus Law Firm.

Steps to Take Should You Experience Bed Bug Bites

If you sustained bed bug bites from staying at a hotel, there are a few things to do to build your case.

  • Collect evidence. Take photos of the room and the bed (with the bugs on the mattress, if possible), the bites on your skin (if they’ve appeared yet), your room number, and hotel signage. Grab a picture of the stationery with the hotel name, address, and phone number.
  • Immediately file a complaint with the hotel manager. No guest should EVER go through an experience like bed bug bites when staying at ANY hotel.
  • Important: document this conversation with the hotel manager. Get his or her name and contact information. Jot down any questions you asked as well as the manager’s responses. If you fill out a formal complaint form, get a copy for yourself.
  • See a dermatologist as soon as possible. Ask the doctor for a written diagnosis and a copy of any prescription or over the counter medication the doctor may recommend.
  • And don’t forget, call me, your Bed Bug Lawyer.

Bed Bugs Don’t Discriminate

You could stay at a roadside motel, a suburban chain hotel, or a 5-star luxury resort…bed bugs can, too. Just because you spend $500 a night doesn’t mean that luxurious hotel isn’t infested with bed bugs. It’s happened before, it can happen again, from the Budget Roadside Motor Inn to the fanciest Marriott around. In fact, did you know that Marriott headquarters is located right in our backyard?

Yes, the hotel giant calls Bethesda, Maryland home, which makes it very convenient for me to file your claim against a Marriott hotel and pursue a fair and reasonable settlement should the case warrant one. And this doesn’t cover just hotels with Marriott in the name–it covers all 30 hotels Marriott owns, from the Ritz-Carlton to Courtyard. So, if you’re a bed bug victim in any of Marriott’s hotels, call me immediately.

What a Bed Bug Lawyer Can Do for You

An important thing to note: I’ll cannot ethically ever promise you a settlement from a bed bug-related case. In fact, no lawyer can make that guarantee. What I can promise, however, is that I will look very carefully at your claim and determine whether I think you may be able to get a fair settlement from it.

If I do take your case, I’ll walk you through the entire process and will be committed to prioritizing your claim, keeping you updated on the legal developments, and I will work tenaciously to get you a fair, reasonable settlement.

Bed Bug Lawyer

If you’re in a hotel sleeping tight and the bed bugs do happen to bite, I am here to help.  Call me immediately at The Lapidus Law Firm for a free, no-obligation consultation: (301) 852-7500 in Maryland or (202) 785-5111 in Washington, DC.

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