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Car Accident PG County

Car accidents don’t just involve your vehicle.  Your finances, work, and stress levels are only a few of the ways car accident victims are affected.  Moreover, don’t forget about all the car accident injuries. They can be life altering, so if you’ve had a car accident in Prince Georges County, …

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Recent Rear End Accidents

As rear-end accident attorneys representing car accident victims in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we have certainly seen our fair share of rear-end accidents.   They happen everywhere, and like most other kinds of car accidents, they happen when you least expect it.  Read below about some of the most …

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Pedestrian Accidents

Every 1.5 hours, a person is killed due to a pedestrian accident, according to the CDC. You don’t have to be walking through the busy streets of downtown Washington, DC or in a busy Maryland neighborhood to be the victim of a pedestrian accident. You might be walking down a …

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