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PG County Personal Injury Lawyer: What NOT to Do After A Car Accident

Those initial moments immediately following a car accident can be harrowing.  Not only are you trying to figure out what just happened, but you’re also trying to determine how it happened and assess any injuries.  Prince George’s County Personal Injury Lawyer Larry Lapidus has some advice for you, should you ever find yourself in a car accident in Maryland or Washington, DC.   Here’s are four things NOT to do:

Don’t Assume Your Injuries Are Minor

In the eyes of a PG County personal injury lawyer, there is no such thing as a minor injury.  If you get a cut that needs stitches, that is not minor.  If you bump your head and are suffering from daily headaches, that is not minor.   If your life has been impacted in any way and you cannot perform functions and other daily tasks just as naturally as you did before your car accident, your injury is not minor.  Don’t downplay your injuries, because it could significantly reduce the dollar amount of the settlement you deserve.

Don’t Refuse an Ambulance for Medical Treatment

If you are injured in any way, no matter how trivial it may seem, utilize an ambulance for medical treatment.  This could be a decision between life or death, like a small bump to the head that can quickly progress into something more severe or even life-threatening.  Plus, without the use of an ambulance for medical treatment, the responding police officers will not file a police report.  That police report serves as official documentation of the accident and your injuries, both of which are very important when it comes to your personal injury case.

Don’t Argue with the Other Driver

Because adrenaline is pumping an no one really wants to be at fault in a car accident, it is easy to place blame at the accident scene.  However, it solves nothing.  Leave the “fault putting” to the insurance companies and your PG County Personal Injury Lawyer will handle the rest.  When you choose The Lapidus Law Firm to represent you in your car accident, you’ll take comfort in knowing your case is in capable hands.

Don’t Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The other driver’s insurance company will likely reach out to you to get your account of what happened.  Do not speak to them without first communicating with your  PG County Personal Injury Lawyer at The Lapidus Law Firm.

Your seemingly innocent account of what happened can be distorted into an admission of guilt without you even knowing it.  This occurs because the other driver’s insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible.  If they can find a way to place blame on you (even if you aren’t at fault), they may do so, in the name of reducing their settlement offer.  Instead of speaking with them about what happened, just refer them to Larry Lapidus, your PG County Personal Injury Lawyer at The Lapidus Law Firm and we’ll take over from there.  You focus on getting better while we handle the legal matters.

PG County Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need someone to represent your case, call The Lapidus Law Firm for a free consultation.  Getting a skilled PG County personal injury lawyer can be the difference between getting compensated for your injuries or being left to bear the financial burden of recovery on your own.

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