Recent Rear End Accidents

As rear-end accident attorneys representing car accident victims in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we have certainly seen our fair share of rear-end accidents.   They happen everywhere, and like most other kinds of car accidents, they happen when you least expect it. 

Read below about some of the most recent rear-end accidents that happened right here in our area.

A School Bus Gets Rear-Ended in PG County

Back in December, a car crashed into the back end of a school bus filled with children in Prince George’s County.  It happened on the outer loop of I-495 with 24 children on the bus, and when the car hit the bus, the car’s engine caught fire and spread to the back of the bus. 

At the time the article was published by DC New Now, there were no reported injuries.  Had there been injuries to any students or the bus drivers (who heroically got all the students off the bus safely), the families of the minors would need to reach out to an attorney for legal representation, with the goal of securing a fair and reasonable a settlement to cover the cost of medical bills and much more. 

Rear-End Accident Involves DUI; Multiple Injuries

According to, this one occurred on Prince Frederick Road in the area of Siesta Fields Place in early April of this year. According to the story, “Crews found a two-vehicle collision with several injured occupants, including one who was trapped. Firefighters managed to extricate the trapped individual from the backseat within 30 minutes.” 

13 people were transported to various area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. If they were properly advised, they all should have at the very least contacted a personal injury lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation.  The man who caused the accident was charged with a DUI, which could mean he is at fault in the accident, and his insurance company could be liable to cover medical costs and more for the injured. 

The Rear End Accident Turned Carjacking

This one isn’t your typical rear-end accident.  It happened right here in Washington, DC on Foxhill Road near Whitehaven Parkway. According to Fox 5 News

Elise Sidamon-Eristoff said she and her partner Harry Andreades, along with her sister, were heading home from her parents’ house when a gray Lexus SUV tapped the back of their BMW.  Sidamon-Eristoff pulled over, and Andreades got out to check the damage. That’s when things took a dangerous turn. “I looked up, saw a pistol pointed at my head, and at that point I dropped everything,” Sidamon-Eristoff said. “By the time I turned around to be like, ‘There’s no damage guys, you’re good. You can go. No need for a report,’ I had a gun to my chest, one to my face and I just put my hands up,” Andreades said.

Had there been injuries in this accident, the victims could absolutely reach out to us for representation. 

Rear End Accident Attorneys in DC, Maryland Virginia

If you or a loved one has been hit by someone else and you are injured in the rear-end accident, don’t wait:  reach out to The Lapidus Law Firm so we can take a look at your claim.   We have received 5-star reviews from our clients for the work we’ve done representing they have been injured in a rear-end accident.   Take a look at our reviews on Google to see feedback like this: 

“I was involved in a rear-end accident.  While I was at urgent care I was given a card for the Lapidus law firm.  They handle my case that honor there mission statement that “we fight to make things right “.  For me, the insurance company was trying to low ball me.  Through their advice, I rejected the low ball settlement and they  proceeded to file suit for me which doubled the original offer!”

Call us today at (202) 785-5111.  And don’t forget, we will fight to make it right. 

Written by Lawrence S. Lapidus


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