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The Must Have Coverage You Probably Waived in Your Insurance Policy

The Must Have Coverage You Probably Waived in Your Insurance Policy It is a law to have auto insurance if you live in Maryland and you own a car.  You already know that.  However, there’s a little something you probably don’t know about that insurance policy.  When you purchased it, …

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DC Insurance Claim Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a car accident in Washington, DC, one of your first thoughts might be, “Whew! Thank goodness I have insurance!” However, what happens when you are involved in an accident and your insurance company – or the insurance company of the driver that hit you – …

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Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Tell All: How Insurance Companies Settle Claims

As a personal injury lawyer in Maryland and in Washington, DC, attorney Larry Lapidus has seen just about every type of case you can imagine. He has a deep-rooted passion for helping his clients who have been hurt because of the negligence of someone else, and he also takes great …

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Advice from a PG County Personal Injury Lawyer: Don’t File Your Own Insurance Claim!

When you have a PG County car accident with or without injuries, you’ll want to make sure your insurance company is aware of the accident, whether or not you are at fault.  It is also likely that you’ll need to communicate with the other driver’s insurance company.  Many people assume …

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Advice from a PG County Car Accident Lawyer: Why Full Coverage Doesn’t Mean Adequate Coverage

Residents living in Maryland and Washington, DC are required to have vehicle insurance.  You’ve followed all the laws and pay your bill religiously because you know the worst-case scenario:  if you get into a car accident (whether it’s your fault or not), you may need to use your insurance so …

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