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Written by award-winning Injury Lawyer Lawrence S. Lapidus

Bed bugs are a nuisance that no one wants. They are tiny bugs that will bite the exposed skin of people and animals. They can pop up anywhere but are most prevalent in places that lack adequate cleaning routines. They can show up anywhere that beds are found. They can even hide in furniture, luggage, backpacks, and moving boxes. 

When you travel and stay in hotels, you take the risk of encountering bed bugs. They can be transported from people’s homes to the hotel room. If a hotel does not stay on top of exterminating routines and neglects basic cleaning, they leave themselves susceptible to bed bug infestations.  

According to Pest World, sixty-eight percent of bed bug infestations occur in hotels and motels. They are the most common type of infestation treated by pest control professionals. They can often be mistaken for other types of bugs, such as fleas or cockroaches, and are most common in the summer months.   However – bed bug bites can happen year-round.

Bed Bug Health Risks

The most common health risk associated with bed bugs is allergic reactions to the bites. It is often as simple as an annoying itch that can be treated with a topical cream – but nevertheless, the bites can be mentally and emotionally traumatic to experience. Reactions can range from itching rashes to hives and blisters or even anaphylactic reactions requiring immediate medical attention.

It is also possible to get infections from scratching the bites. Insomnia is another prevalent issue associated with bed bugs that has the potential to result in physical and mental health problems from irritability and lack of rest. Scarring in the affected area is not uncommon.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that altered mental health is another issue associated with prolonged exposure to bed bugs:

“Mental health impacts on people living in infested homes. Reported effects include anxiety, insomnia, and systemic reactions.”

What Can I Do? 

The first thing to do if you have experienced bed bug bites, is to report the experience to hotel management, take notes of who responded to your complaint (name, job title, and nature of the response).  Save your hotel receipt and jot down your room number. Notify them that you intend to seek medical treatment and then seek such treatment as soon as possible.   This is especially important not just for medical reasons, but also to document your claim. 

As Maryland and DC lawyers, we can provide specialized service to clients who sufferer bed bug bites at Marriott owned or branded hotels, regardless of location since Marriott ‘s Headquarters are in Montgomery County, Maryland and can be sued in the Maryland courts for that county.

Bed Bug Lawyer in Maryland and DC

Here at Lapidus Law Firm, we offer free, no obligation consultations. Contact us in Maryland at 301-852-7500 or in DC at 202-785-5111 today to schedule yours.  We have experience in handling such cases.  We know how horrific getting bit by a bed bug can be – whether it be one bite or multiple bites, so call us so that we can review your claim. 

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