Bed Bug Updates

The summer has come and gone, but travel is still happening.  Many people are making their way to hotels, motels, VRBO, and even Air B&Bs. No matter where you stay, you may wind up with some uninvited guests in your room—bed bugs. You might be itching for a change of scenery, but itching from bed bugs is not your agenda!

Bed Bugs Infestations Can Happen Anywhere

While many people may think bed bugs are rare, they are becoming even more prevalent and widespread. So much, so that bed bug mattress covers are now on the market as a way to prevent infestations. There are even treatment options being documented for how to get rid of bed bugs.

Yes, bed bug infestations can happen anywhere globally, but they are even more likely to occur in heavily traveled areas, like Washington, DC and it’s surrounding Maryland suburbs. The last thing you want to happen when you want to relax is to wind up like this family, who had their entire vacation ruined due to bed bugs. In that case, the victim did the right thing by documenting everything that occurred and contacting a lawyer.

What Do I Do if I Find Bed Bugs in My Motel or Hotel Room?

Just like the family above, if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs or find bed bugs in your room, there are simple steps you can take.

  • Take photos. Make sure you have photos of your room, the bed, the bed with the bugs visible if you can, the hotel sign, and your room number. If there is hotel stationery with all of their pertinent contact information available, take a photo of that, too.
  • File a complaint with the hotel/motel manager. They need to know that it is unacceptable that you or any guest had to experience bed bugs in their room. And that the experience is giving you both physical scars but emotional trauma, as well.
  • After you file the complaint, make sure you get a copy of the complaint. Make sure you have their contact information and include any questions you asked them and their answers to those questions. The more information you have, the better.
  • Contact a dermatologist and make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible. Get a record of your appointment and what the doctor said, including what prescriptions and treatments they recommended.
  • Lastly, call a Lawyer for Bed Bugs, like The Lapidus Law Firm. Whether your incident happened in the DC Metro area or not, we can take on your case and find you the justice you seek.

As you can see, it’s essential to have as much information and details about your bed bugs case as possible. The more information we have, the better we can represent you.

Contact a Lawyer for Bed Bugs

If you plan to travel anytime soon, make sure you check your room for bed bugs upon arrival. If your room does have bed bugs, after following the steps above—and documenting them—call The Lapidus Law Firm at (202) 785-5111 or (301) 852-7500 to schedule a free no-obligation Zoom consultation. You have our word that we’ll fight for you and a fair and reasonable settlement. We will do everything in our power to hold the hotels accountable for your pain and suffering. We are committed to making justice work for you!

Written by Larry S. Lapidus

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