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Bus Passenger Injuries: What Should Happen Next?

Recently, there was a very scary accident involving a car crashing into a Metrobus. Sadly, the driver of the car was killed in this very unfortunate and scary accident. There were also passengers riding the bus who sustained injuries during this crash. What should they do? Who should they call?

What to Do After a Bus Accident

Many bus passengers just leave the scene quickly and never leave their names and contact information with the appropriate people.  WMATA will send a “field supervisor” to the accident scene but it could take up to 30 minutes, sometimes more depending on the collision location.  Any injured person MUST report their identities to any WMATA official on the scene and the fact that they were injured.  That person might turn out to be the bus driver or it may be the “field supervisor.”

If police arrive, be sure to speak to the “investigating officer” who writes down the information. The injured person should obtain the bus driver’s name, the number on the bus, the route number,  place of the collision and if possible, the names and contact information of other injured passengers.  Every passenger is a potential witness.

If they are not sure if they are injured, they can – at the very least – report that they are “shook up” or not feeling quite right, if that is in fact how they are feeling.  Injured people often do not experience the effect of the injuries until many hours later.

If a person injured on the bus owns a car at home or lives with a relative who owns a car, the accident should be reported to the owner’s insurance company even if the owner’s car was not involved in the accident.

Anyone injured in a bus collision should take cell phone pictures of the damage to the car and the bus, the license tags, the number on the bus and bus driver’s ID as well as the police officer or field supervisor’s ID.  Usually, a police officer will give anyone a business card if asked.  A picture of the route number and destination should also be photographed.  Pictures and videos of the collision scene can be helpful as well as nearby street signs.

And then, as soon as you can, contact The Lapidus Law Firm and set up a free consultation.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If we take your case, it is our job to gather and collect every piece of evidence related to it. With this specific Metrobus accident, we would speak to all insurance agencies, as well as all attorneys involved in the case – for Metrobus and for the driver of the car that caused the accident.

Our goal is ensuring you are compensated fairly for any and all injuries that you have sustained as the result of an accident. You were not at fault or the cause of the accident, we truly believe the at fault party should pay for those expenses; not you!

We will identify all parties who played a part in your injury, whether it was the driver of the car, the driver of the Metrobus, or someone else. We’ll aim to have your settlement include the cost of treating your injuries, rehab expenses, medical bills, lost income, and any other losses you have sustained as a result.

Call a Personal Lawyer Today

If you have been involved in a Metrobus accident in the DC Metro area or in the state of Maryland, call The Lapidus Law Firm today at 202-785-5111 or 301-852-7500 for your free consultation.  We are committed to making justice work for you.

Written by Larry Lapidus

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