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Personal Injury Protection – Why You Need It When Trouble Strikes

You have car insurance, so if you get in an accident, everything will be covered, right?  Your insurance company will make sure you’re taken care of, right?  Wrong.  A DC Personal Injury Lawyer or a Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer will tell you:  Your insurance company – despite the fact that …

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Bed Bug Lawyer in Washington, DC

When you think of bed bugs, a dirty mattress comes to mind, right? Sure, that’s where you might find a few hiding, but they are also lurking in places you’d least expect, like fancy hotel rooms, apartment buildings, and perhaps even at your job. If you have experienced the pain …

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It’s No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car ‘Crashes’ Instead

Roadway fatalities are soaring at a rate not seen in 50 years, resulting from crashes, collisions and other incidents caused by drivers. Just don’t call them accidents anymore. That is the position of a growing number of safety advocates, including grass-roots groups, federal officials and state and local leaders across …

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Man Killed in D.C. Hit and Run

Washington, D.C. – A Maryland man was killed late Saturday night in D.C. while he was walking on the 100 block of M Street. Now police are looking for the driver who hit him. Darnell Christopher Ross, 20, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland for an unknown reason fell into the crosswalk, …

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DC Has the Most Traffic Gridlock

Washington, D.C. – Looks like a ridiculous amount of gridlock in Washington D.C. is not exclusive to lawmakers as a new report from Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute ranked the capital as the U.S. city with the most traffic congestion. This shouldn’t come as surprise for the many people who …

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Winter Weather Endangers DC Motorists

Washington, D.C. – Last Thursday winter weather swept into DC dusting the Capital with snow. Icy roads created a treacherous morning commute resulting in several traffic collisions. Three of those accidents occurred within the span of 10 minutes keeping the Virginia State Police busy. the form According to CBS DC, …

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