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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Prince George’s County

Broken bones, cuts, and scrapes, bumps, and bruises…. Injuries from car accidents in PG County can be mild or severe, but there is one injury in particular that victims should handle with extra precaution.  Traumatic Brain Injuries – also known as TBI – should be taken very seriously.  This, because …

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A PG County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Shares Accident Prevention Tips

It was a Tuesday night in early June 2018 when a motorcycle rider was on Route 450 in Lanham, Maryland.  Then, the unthinkable happened.   He was at the intersection of Baltimore Lane and Annapolis Road when an SUV attempted to make a left turn, and the two collided.  Shortly thereafter, …

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DC Uber Accident Lawyer

Parking is limited in Washington, DC.  Traffic is sometimes unbearable.  And the cost of gas?  That’s no good either.  A few years ago, a little-known company proposed a solution to solve these problems and it worked. Uber made city and suburb life more convenient, and now it the company has …

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DC Food Poisoning Lawyer

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you’ll never forget it.  It may start with something feeling not quite right a few hours after you finish your meal, and then the pain and discomfort begins to evolve into what as some food poisoning victims describe as unbearable symptoms.  If this happens …

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DC Car Accident Lawyer

There isn’t a moment of the daylight when the roads in Washington, DC aren’t filled with vehicles making their way from point A to point B.  Traffic is a way of life here in the nation’s capital; we’ve all come to accept it.  The problem, however, is when a car …

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