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PG County Personal Injury Lawyer: What NOT to Do After A Car Accident

Those initial moments immediately following a car accident can be harrowing.  Not only are you trying to figure out what just happened, but you’re also trying to determine how it happened and assess any injuries.  Prince George’s County Personal Injury Lawyer Larry Lapidus has some advice for you, should you …

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DC Personal Injury Lawyer: There Is No Such Thing as a Minor Injury

DC Personal Injury lawyers see clients who have been injured in a variety of ways.  Some of them are suffering from a car accident in DC that wasn’t their fault, while another is dealing with complications stemming from a bed bug bite.  One client may have been injured in a …

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DC Truck Accident Lawyer

You have undoubtedly experienced it at one time or another if you’re driving through the streets of Washington, DC.  You’re driving down a two-lane road, and there it is: a giant truck parked is right in the middle of the street.  It can be frustrating for drivers, but even worse, …

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DC Insurance Claim Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a car accident in Washington, DC, one of your first thoughts might be, “Whew! Thank goodness I have insurance!” However, what happens when you are involved in an accident and your insurance company – or the insurance company of the driver that hit you – …

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Is DC Safe For Pedestrians?

From the View of a DC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer No matter what quadrant of the city you live in or if you happen to be passing through DC, you’ll find one common thread:  pedestrians are everywhere.  With a population nearing 700,000 and commuters and government employees alike filing into the …

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PG County Personal Injury Lawyer Shares 4 Reasons You Should NEVER Minimize Your Pain

If you are anything like most people when you aren’t feeling well, and someone asks, “How are you,” your typical response might be, “I’m okay.” While that may be standard amongst your peers and acquaintances no matter how you feel, that common answer has no place when it comes to …

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