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DC & Maryland Uber Accident Lawyer

Parking is limited in Washington, DC and in some parts of Maryland.  Traffic is sometimes unbearable.  And the cost of gas?  That’s no good either.  A few years ago, a little-known company proposed a solution to solve these problems and it worked.

Uber made city and suburb life more convenient, and now it the company has drivers shuttling riders within DC’s city limits and beyond.  But what happens when an Uber ride turns into an Uber accident?  A Washington, DC and Maryland Uber accident lawyer has the answers.

What to Do After an Uber Accident in Washington, DC or Maryland

Uber accident lawyers will tell you that whether you are riding a car with an Uber driver or someone else, the first thing you should do after an accident is check for injuries.  If someone needs help, call 9-1-1 immediately.  Safety is always the top priority.

Also, don’t let what you may think may be a small injury go unnoticed. A little bump on the head could easily be something more severe and get diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury (TBI).   Or a sore neck could very well be whiplash.  Some TBI and whiplash cases heal on their own, but others need close attention and medical treatment to heal properly.  If you think your DC Uber accident resulted in one of these injuries, get to a doctor immediately.

The next piece of advice from your Uber wreck lawyer:  Take pictures of the accident scene if you are in a safe place to do so and get the contact information for any witnesses that may have seen what happened.

After that, your next step is critical.

Getting a DC or Maryland Uber Accident Attorney

You may be thinking your Uber accident in DC was so small that it doesn’t need an Uber accident lawyer to step in, but beware:  if you have injuries because of your accident, you likely NEED a DC Uber accident attorney to step in and support you through the legal process.

Uber has a team of lawyers that work for their company.  The insurance companies – who should fairly compensate you for your injuries – has its own team of lawyers.  And you?  You should have a team of Uber accident lawyers on your side as well.  If you don’t, it could become your responsibility to pay for your injuries and the effects from it, and that’s just not right.

Your Uber Accident Lawyer

There is one Uber wreck lawyer in Washington, DC and Maryland who has 40 years of experience of defending victim’s rights in car accidents, against big businesses and insurance companies.  Larry Lapidus is at the helm of The Lapidus Law Firm and he won’t stop fighting for your rights until a settlement is reached in your favor.  Call The Lapidus Law Firm and schedule a free consultation with a DC Uber Accident Lawyer today at (202) 785-5111.   You’ll be glad you did.

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