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How Long Does A Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

What is the timeline for your personal injury case?

There are many questions that arise when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. Not only do you have to manage your injuries, but you’re probably wondering if and when you’ll ever heal completely, perhaps you’re wondering if you need surgery – and like many others, you’re probably wondering how long you’ll be back and forth between doctor’s visits and other medical appointments (like the physical therapist).

But the most common question we get asked here our DC Law Firm is “How long does a personal injury lawsuit take?  The answer:  it can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending upon how extensive your injuries may be and how such injuries impact your daily activities. It also depends upon how quickly you can recover from the injuries and how complete the recovery may be.   Yes, that is a very broad answer, but read on for more details that will help you narrow down what you can expect from your case.

What Determines the Length of a Lawsuit?

As you can probably imagine, there are many factors that go into personal injury lawsuits.  The extent of the injuries:  A personal injury lawsuit is going to be much faster to resolve for someone with a sprained ankle than for the claim with multiple injuries and multiple people involved. 

  • The Initial Settlement Offer: If the settlement offer from the insurance company is fair from the following your medical discharge,  you may well be able to  avoid a personal injury lawsuit altogether, especially if you obtained a good recovery.  


  • Litigation: When the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement or denies liability,  the case can move into another phase in the legal process, which is called litigation.  This means that in-depth examination of every facet of your life, involvement in legal proceedings, and working closely with your lawyer at various times during litigation.  
  • A Trial: This will require more time commitment from you but can be well worth it.  In a trial situation, the insurance company no longer has control over what it pays out to the injured.  Instead, a judge and jury are in control, which is why it is crucial that you get an attorney who is experienced, skilled, and ethical with an outstanding reputation.

Washington, DC Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you in search of a Washington, DC Personal Injury Lawyer?  Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we pride ourselves on full transparency with our clients.  So, whether your case will take a few weeks, a few months, or longer, you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the legal process.  Call us today at (202) 785-5111 for a free, no obligation consultation so we can review your case.  Our goal is to get your case resolved as soon as possible with a settlement favorable to you.  

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