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Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Written by Personal Injury Lawyer Larry Lapidus

When you consider getting a Maryland personal injury lawyer to handle your case, making a choice doesn’t always come easy.  The decision process comes on the heels of the fact that you or a loved one has been hurt, and with that often comes a host of other emotions.

That’s why it is even more critical that you don’t take choosing your Maryland personal injury attorney lightly.  You need to find someone who is skilled, experienced, has an impressive history of obtaining fair and reasonable settlements, and treats you and your loved ones with respect and dignity.

The One Law Firm You Need

The Lapidus Law Firm checks all the boxes when it comes to your case.

With Larry Lapidus at the helm of The Lapidus Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing your case is not only in good hands but is also with a law firm that has an impressive track record of getting fair and reasonable settlements for its clients, just like you.  Larry Lapidus has been supporting his client’s rights in Maryland for nearly four decades, standing up for them through tough negotiations in an effort to secure settlements in their favor for their injuries.

The Maryland personal injury lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm pride themselves on guiding clients through the legal process and handling each case uniquely because no single client has the same circumstances as the next.

Clients and their loved ones will take comfort in knowing they have a tenacious Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer on their side.  Larry Lapidus doesn’t back down from insurance companies who try to offer lowball settlements, yet, at the same time, has a gentle and nurturing approach in communicating with his clients.  He believes the support and guidance for clients are equally as important as knowing the laws surrounding each individual case and those qualities combined are what has lead Mr. Lapidus’ wide-spread recognition within the legal community.

Awards and Achievements

Mr. Lapidus has received numerous awards for his work.  Some of his most notable accolades include:

Additionally, he has been named one of the “Top Attorneys in Maryland since 2009” and is regularly featured in The Washingtonian Magazine as one of the Metro area’s Top Personal Injury lawyers in Washington DC for his work with negligence cases.  Baltimore Magazine also selected Mr. Lapidus as one if its Top Attorneys in Maryland.

Top Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need someone to represent your case, call The Lapidus Law Firm for a free consultation.  Getting a skilled Maryland personal injury lawyer can be the difference between getting compensated for your injuries or being left to bear the financial burden of recovery on your own.

Reach out today at (301) 605-4296.  WE CAN HELP!

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