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Traffic Fatalities in Maryland

As we start to see progress made against COVID-19, more people are out and about–especially now that the weather is getting warmer. More people out means more people on the road. And, unfortunately, that often means more traffic accidents and fatalities. In Washington, DC, and Maryland, the grim reality is that car accident-related deaths are still happening far too frequently.

Traffic Deaths in Maryland and DC Are Up

By March 2021, eight people died in traffic-related accidents in the District. That’s up from seven at the same time last year–a 14% increase. We may look at those numbers and not think it’s an extraordinary amount, especially compared to other states. DC’s numbers are much lower compared to, say, Maryland, where 568 deaths occurred on the road in 2020, but any loss of life is too many–and these numbers should be falling, not increasing.

The alarming trend in Maryland is that more deaths occurred on the road in 2020 than in 2019 (534), according to the Maryland Safety Highway Safety Office. Considering how many fewer miles were driven in 2020 because of the pandemic, the 2020 fatality numbers are even more eye-opening and troubling.

Why Traffic Accident Victims Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Consider these accidents that occurred on the same day a couple of weeks ago in Montgomery County, Maryland. A man and a woman were stopped at a red light in a 2015 Ford F-550 pickup truck on Frederick Road/Route 355 at Germantown Road when they were rear-ended by a man driving a 2019 Honda Accord. The driver of the Honda died from his injuries at the hospital; the occupants of the Ford F-550 did not appear to be injured from the crash at the scene.

Just minutes earlier on U.S. 301 near Mattawoman Beantown Road, two people from the same car were injured in a two-vehicle crash in Waldorf. That accident is still under investigation, and there was no immediate word on how severe the injuries were. In both of these situations, it’s highly recommended that the people injured in the Waldorf crash and those in the Ford F-550 call a personal injury lawyer.

It’s tragic that the driver of the Honda passed away. The driver and passenger in the pickup are undoubtedly lucky to have come away from the accident seemingly unscathed–but the publicly known facts about this crash could seem to indicate that the driver of the Honda was negligent on the road, as he crashed into a vehicle stopped at a traffic light.

And while the man is unable to represent himself, investigations into the incident could very well determine that he was at fault. That’s why the two survivors need an experienced personal injury attorney like those at The Lapidus Law Firm. They may not have seemed injured at that particular time, but accident-related injuries often surface after the fact. Plus, assuming the pickup truck sustained damage, it’s only fitting that the surviving victims should not have to pay for either medical expenses or car repairs, as they were most likely blameless.

In the Waldorf accident, investigations will go a long way toward determining what happened, who was at fault, and whether negligence came into play. If so, the injured victims would also be wise to have a personal injury lawyer by their side.

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do for Accident Victims?

If someone is hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, why should the victim not only have to suffer physically and mentally but also be held responsible financially for something that wasn’t their fault? That’s where a personal injury lawyer can help. At The Lapidus Law Firm, we have decades of experience dealing with car accidents, and here’s how we can help:

  • We will communicate with law enforcement to determine what exactly happened and who was at fault. This can go a long way toward the probability of reaching a fair and reasonable settlement.
  • We will consult with medical personnel to understand the extent of any injuries sustained, what the expenses might be, and what type of care (either short- or long-term) will be necessary.
  • We will handle the insurance companies–in fact, do not contact any insurance company after your accident. Call a lawyer first and let us provide guidance on dealing with the insurance companies; they will try to convince you to take a meager sum that won’t cover much of anything. Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind–we do.
  • We will deal with other attorneys. The others involved in the accident may retain their own lawyer–we’ll manage any and all communication and negotiations with different attorneys.

The bottom line is the experienced car accident attorneys at The Lapidus Law Firm are here to help you. You can focus on healing while we manage the legalities on your behalf.

Traffic Fatalities in Maryland

Victims of car accidents should never have to pay for someone else’s negligence and irresponsibility. At The Lapidus Law Firm, it’s our mission to ensure you are represented and that the responsible party is held accountable for their actions that have caused you mental and physical pain and financial damage.

While we can’t promise you a sum or a particular outcome (and no ethical lawyer ever should), we can guarantee you this: we will work our hardest on your behalf to obtain the fair and reasonable settlement that you deserve. Call us today at (301) 852-7500 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are committed to making justice work for you.

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