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Are You Winter Car Accident Prone? A Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Tells All

Although the cold weather in the region has been present for several weeks, we’ve only been in the official winter season since December 21st.  With the coldest of the weather yet to come, you may begin to notice some of the common ailments that come along with winter, such as joint pain, allergies and asthma.  As if those physical challenges aren’t enough, there is another serious issue you have to contend with when it comes to winter: Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers say these days, you have increased risk of being involved in a car accident.

Slippery Surfaces

The winter season in this region means wet roads are a guarantee.  As soon as the temperature dips below 32 DEGREES, the roadways can be covered with a sheet of ice, and a simple slow down towards a stop sign can send your vehicle sliding out of control.  The best advice from your Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer:  Be mindful of the likelihood of slippery roadways and slow down with ease well before stop lights and stop signs.

Driving in the Dark

With winter comes the dwindling daylight and that means you’ll have less light as you make your way to your evening destination.  If driving in the dark isn’t your preference, be sure to leave with ample time to get where you want to be.  Also keep in mind that other drivers may be weary of driving in the dark too, so driving defensively is the key to staying safe. 

Flat Tires

The change in weather means a change in your tire pressure.  If you have too much air pressure or too little, you’re at a greater risk for getting a flat tire.  Many newer model vehicles have a warning light to let you know if your air pressure is too low, but don’t depend on that.  Get your tire pressure checked in the early days of winter and at winter’s midpoint as well.

Reduced Vision

When you’re running late to work, the last thing you feel like doing is dusting off snow and chipping away at the ice or frost on your windshield, right?   It may seem like a hassle, but ensuring you have a clear view before you take to the roads can be a life-saving decision.  Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning so you can get your windows cleared.  Take it from your Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer:  you – and the other drivers on your path – will be glad you did. 

Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a car accident this winter, don’t wait to get medical attention.  Reach out to Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Larry Lapidus for a free, no obligation consultation.  The earlier you call, the better, but regardless of when your accident occurred, Mr. Lapidus can help.  Schedule your consultation by calling (202) 785-5111 and Mr. Lapidus will begin reviewing your case today. 

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