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Hyattsville Rear-End Accident Lawyer

Rear-End Accident Guidance From Your PG County Personal Injury Attorney

Written by Award-Winning Lawyer Lawrence S. Lapidus

According to The Washington Post, there are approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions in the United States every year.  Although many rear-end accidents do not cause any injuries to those involved, injuries and fatalities can and do occur from rear-end collisions all too often, whether on interstate highways, city streets, in small towns or on rural roads. 

Serious injuries often require lengthy, expensive health care treatments, even when the collision is a low-speed “fender-bender.” Keep in mind that symptoms of an injury from a car accident may or may not be immediate.  If you are experiencing any symptoms after a rear-end collision or other car accident – even days or weeks later – see your health care provider right away.

When injuries are sustained from a rear-end collision or other motor vehicle accident, health care costs are often compounded by lost time on the job and the subsequent loss in wages, including lost future wages when injuries have a prolonged recovery time or are long-lasting.  The attorneys at Lapidus Law Firm can help you address these difficulties and recover a fair and reasonable settlement for your injuries.

Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

When a vehicle stops suddenly, other vehicles behind that driver must also stop suddenly, and an otherwise safe driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front. 

Although the mechanical failure of a motor vehicle can cause a rear-end collision, the most common causes of rear-end collisions are human error, and the driver in back is most often at fault and/or liable for damages.  Some of the most common causes of rear-end collisions include:

  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving when fatigued
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Speeding
  • Heavy traffic
  • Road rage

Injuries Associated with Rear-End Collisions

The most common injury associated with rear-end collisions is a panful neck strain(which the  insurance industry refers to as “whiplash”) , followed by back injuries with or without paralysis, seat belt injuries, head trauma (such as concussion), and injuries to the face, wrists, and arms. 

A person who experiences a concussion may not have symptoms immediately, and doctors often recommend that patients with head trauma should be observed for at least 24 hours after an accident for any signs of confusion, nausea, and/or difficulty with balance and coordination.  Another symptom is nausea or  dizziness when the person sees bright lights.  If you have experienced such symptoms, you will need to be examined by a neurologist.   

In more severe instances, long-lasting and even permanent injuries may be sustained in a rear-end accident, such as herniation of one or more discs in the spine. 

How Your Hyattsville Rear-End Accident Attorney Will Help

The role of your car accident attorney is to advocate  for your best interests  throughout the claims process , to communicate with you regarding the progress of your claim, and if necessary, to advocate for you in court.

We’re here to provide our expertise during such difficulties.  Our team of experienced attorneys at The Lapidus Law Firm will gather the facts necessary to develop the very best possible case for you.  CALL NOW for Legal Representation at (301) 605-4296.

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