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Whiplash: Low-Speed Car Accident Injury

DC Car Accident Lawyers Explain How Even the Slowest Speeds Can Cause Neck Pain

If you have ever been in a car accident, you probably heard a number of excuses or explanations from the at-fault driver.  One of the most common comments?  “But I wasn’t even going that fast!” 

What many drivers don’t fully understand is that it doesn’t take high speeds to cause injuries – especially when it comes to one of the most common car accident injuries:  whiplash. If you are experiencing whiplash symptoms, first you need to see a medical professional immediately.  Next, you need to call your dedicated team of DC Personal Injury Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm.

What Happens in a Low-Speed Car Accident?

When a car hits someone at slow speeds, there can still be significant injuries.  If a vehicle is going just 7 miles per hour, it will hit the car in front of them; however, the vehicle absorbing the hit will be forced forward at a much higher rate of speed.

When the impact occurs, the head of the occupant if the vehicle snaps back quickly then is forced into a forward motion.  In many cases, this results in whiplash.  When this happens, you should contact your Personal Injury Lawyer immediately.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Many people dismiss the symptoms of whiplash because they don’t want to focus on their injuries.  Your Washington, DC Personal Injury Lawyer will tell you:  there is no such things as minor injury, and when you have been involved in an accident, whiplash symptoms should be taken very seriously. 

Some of the most common whiplash symptoms include:

  • Reduced range of motion in the neck
  • Neck stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and/or upper back pain
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Problems with concentration

After a Car Accident, You Should….

The first thing you should do when you are injured in a car accident is to seek medical attention immediately. Not only will you be prioritizing your health and well-being, but if you use an ambulance for medical treatment, the responding police officers will file a report detailing the specifics of the accident.  This report will serve as proper documentation of your accident, which will be used as evidence by your lawyer (and by the insurance company) to help determine a settlement offer.

When you arrive at the medical facility, you will inform your medical team of all the symptoms you are experiencing. Whiplash will have a very specific treatment plan that will be customized to your particular symptoms.  Do not leave out any of your symptoms, even if one symptom is less painful than another.  Any discomfort you are experiencing should be shared with both your doctor and your DC Personal Injury Lawyer.

Once your neck pain is appropriately diagnosed, your medical doctor will most likely recommend a course of physical therapy for your injury.  It is imperative that you get to each one of these appointments (and any other appointments related to your injury).   Not only will your health and well being improve as a direct result of your therapy, but your track record physical therapy success will prove that getting better is your priority, and therefore, the insurance company should take it seriously as well.

DC Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are suffering from any of the above whiplash symptoms because you were involved in a low-speed car accident, don’t wait any longer.  Reach out to your DC Personal Injury Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm today.  Pick up your phone and call us to schedule your free consultation at (202) 785-51111. 

With stellar reviews and an excellent track record of winning favorable settlements for pain victims, you too can reap the benefits of what we do by getting representation from a DC Whiplash Laywer from The Lapidus Law Firm.  You will be treated like a VIP and you will feel a sense of relief in knowing your case is now with the best DC Personal Injury Lawyers in the city.  Don’t dismiss your whiplash injuries any more… we can help!

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