Oxon Hill Injury Lawyer

How An Oxon Hill Injury Lawyer Can Help

You or a loved one has been injured, and you’re probably thinking “I need some help.”  You have come to the right place.  Not only have you found an Oxon Hill Injury Lawer who will look at your case in depth, but you have also found an ethical, hard-working, award-winning attorney who dedicates himself to each case that crosses this desk.


Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we know a thing or two about commitment.  If our 40 years of serving residents in Washington, DC and Maryland aren’t enough to explain how committed we are to representing our clients, then perhaps consider the numerous 5-star reviews graciously bestowed upon us by our happy clients. 

They may not have been so happy prior to our free consultation, but once they get a settlement that exceeds their expectations, happy is an understatement. But don’t take our word for it.  See for yourself what our clients have to say by clicking on our review page.

Former Clients

Most of our PG County and D.C. clients seek our services because they were former clients or because a friend, family member or co-worker made a referral after their own great experience with our law firm.  

It’s a wonderful thing to guide them through each step of the legal process because, without representation from an experienced PG County  Injury Lawyer, they likely would never receive a fair settlement, or, it would be much smaller.  Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we’re able to secure larger than expected settlements because we know the details of our clients’ medical treatment, the progress of their recoveries, the impairments of daily activities

Who Do We Represent?

Your Oxon Hill Injury Lawyer looks at every case in-depth and gives much consideration to whether we believe the client truly does have a chance at getting a fair and reasonable settlement for their injuries.  If yes, then, we get to work immediately, dissecting even most intricate details surrounding the circumstances.  The lawsuits we file behalf of our clients are wide-ranging, but the bulk of our cases involve:

Oxon Hill Injury Lawyer

Don’t see your injury or scenario listed above?  Don’t worry… here at The Lapidus Law Firm, our PG County Personal Injury Lawyers handle a wide variety of cases for our clients.  Call your Oxon Hill Injury Lawyer to schedule a consultation that is convenient for your schedule. 

It’s free!  When you choose us, you also choose dedicated, hard-working lawyers who will make it their sole purpose to get you a fair and reasonable settlement. Plus, you’ll delight in the VIP treatment we give our clients. You deserve nothing less, so call us to get started at (301) 605-4296.  You will find us friendly and welcoming.

There is absolutely no downside to making that call to find out whether you have a case worth pursuing.  If so,  we will be pleased to represent you and you don’t pay anything unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you!

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