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PG County Daycare Injury Lawyer

Summer is coming to an end and with it comes the time for daycare enrollments. It should be a fun experience for families to enjoy these milestones for their little ones, as daycare is an adventure for the child and for many, the beginning of important social growth as well.

Most parents don’t just choose any daycare for their child. PG County Daycare Injury Lawyers know: much thought and research are dedicated to choosing a facility with qualified professionals that will guide and nurture the child each day.

However, for too many parents, their child’s safety has been forced to the forefront of their minds, and they subsequently had to find a PG County Daycare Injury Lawyer to help.

Potential Daycare Injuries

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, each year, approximately 25% of children have injuries that require medical attention, whether it be in an emergency room or in a physician’s office.
Some of those injuries occur at daycares, which include:


A fall can result in something small, like a bump or bruise, or something more severe like a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or worse, a fatality. If the daycare employees or parents suspect a head injury has occurred, it is essential that the child is taken to the doctor immediately.

Cuts and Scratches

While it may seem minor, cuts and scratches that occur at daycare should be taken seriously. Not only should you be called if your child gets a cut or scratch, but the proper steps need to be taken in the days thereafter to prevent infection. Open wounds – even the small ones – are susceptible to more germs, so great care needs to be taken to prevent further illnesses.


Just like falls, cuts, and scratches, a bruise here and there is perfectly reasonable for children of any age – especially for children attending daycare. However, some bruises may be worth questioning.


Because children are curious about there surroundings, they may reach up to touch things that can cause harm, like stovetops or lamps. However, those things shouldn’t be accessible to your child, so if they get burned, don’t hesitate to consult with a Daycare Accident Injury Lawyer for help.

How to Get a PG County Daycare Injury Lawyer

Children in daycare should be supervised at all times. If you believe your child’s daycare injuries could have been prevented or if you think your child’s injuries were caused by the negligence of an individual who works at the daycare, you need to reach out to a Prince George’s County Daycare Injury Lawyer immediately.

The experienced and highly skilled Personal Injury Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm knows there is no excuse for an avoidable accident or the negligence of a daycare provider. If you are concerned about your child’s daycare injuries, reach out to the PG County Daycare Injury Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm today at (301) 605-4296. You don’t have to wonder if someone should be held responsible any longer, and we are here to help you find answers. We will take pride in helping you… and your child.

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