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Staying Safe on the 4th of July in PG County

Time to break out the red, white and blue!  July 4th is here, and that means grills will be fired up, pools will be packed, and fireworks will be popping all across the DC Metro area.  Independence Day is fun for all, so it’s all the more important to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe during this ever-popular summer holiday.

All too often, 4th of July celebrations end in tragedy, and the victims or their families find themselves reaching out to the Personal Injury Lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm for help.  The primary reason?  Drinking and driving accidents.

Drinking and Driving Statistics

Fortune recently referred to The Fourth of July as “the deadliest holiday in America.” Here’s why:  According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, 146 people were killed in drunk driving vehicle accidents on July 4th of 2015. To prevent these senseless tragedies, the NHTSA began promoting the message that “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.”

That message will hopefully resonate with the nearly one million Maryland drivers expected to be on the roads this 4th of July. AAA says the number of drivers on the road is hitting an all-time high for the third consecutive year in a row.

In a perfect world, they would all be sober, but the reality is, they won’t be.  And even worse, someone will lose their mother, father, brother, sister, aunt or uncle, companion or friend due 100% to another person’s poor decision making to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car.

The message is right:  whether just a little buzzed or downright drunk, if you’ve been drinking, do not drive.  And if a friend tries to drink and drive, step in and don’t let them do it.  There is a good chance you could be saving someone’s life –  and your friend’s life as well.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers in PG County

If you have been injured in a car accident with a drunk driver or if a loved one has been injured or worse, killed because of a drunk driver, reach out to the drunk driving accident lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm today.  The pain, suffering and medical bills that come along with these accidents is heartbreaking on so many levels, and the drunk driving accident lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm are here to help.  If you need help because of a drunk driving car accident on the 4th of July, call us today for a free consultation at (301) 605-4296.  We’re here to help.

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