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DC Personal Injury Lawyer: There Is No Such Thing as a Minor Injury

DC Personal Injury lawyers see clients who have been injured in a variety of ways.  Some of them are suffering from a car accident in DC that wasn’t their fault, while another is dealing with complications stemming from a bed bug bite.  One client may have been injured in a …

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Washington, DC Pedestrian Laws

Washington, DC is a bustling city.  Cars line the city streets and pedestrians are packed from one block to the next. On most days, the two co-exist in harmony, but sometimes, the unthinkable happens, and a pedestrian is hit by a car in Washington, DC.   If this happens to you, …

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Personal Injury Protection – Why You Need It When Trouble Strikes

You have car insurance, so if you get in an accident, everything will be covered, right?  Your insurance company will make sure you’re taken care of, right?  Wrong.  A DC Personal Injury Lawyer or a Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer will tell you:  Your insurance company – despite the fact that …

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Safety Advocacy Group Urges Law Changes

Washington, D.C. – In the past decade, 15,000 motorists have been killed on the highways in the three states that surround the D.C. metropolitan area.  This is a shocking statistic, but the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a non-profit group, aims to prevent these unnecessary deaths and personal injuries. …

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