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Three MORE Myths About Personal Injury Law

Your DC Personal Injury Lawyer Clears Up The Confusion

You may have heard a lot about personal injury lawsuits.  In most cases, what you have heard probably isn’t all that great, because – just like any other profession – some people choose to be DC personal injury lawyers for all the wrong reasons.  This is when the myths and misconceptions come into play, because where there are questionable lawyers – there are questionable rumors.  

Today, we’re delving into Part II of our “Myths About Personal Injury Law” blogs, and you’re getting three more!   And when you’re done here, head to Part I for some more myth-busting topics.

Minor Injuries Don’t Get Settlements

Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we have a saying that is one of the reasons we have been so successful over the last four decades:  “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MINOR INJURY.”  Too many people dismiss what they or someone else deems a minor injury, since “there are no broken bones.”  However, this way of thinking is a guarantee that you’ll never get a settlement for your injuries.

For example, suppose you break your finger in an accident or injure your hand.  The insurance company will likely call this a minor injury because it isn’t an arm or a leg.  However, stop and think about how this injury impacts your day-to-day life.  Not only do you endure the pain and impairment involved, but you also have to take time to go to the doctor for the initial and follow up appointments so that your injury doesn’t worsen.  If the broken finger or hand injury is on your writing hand, handwriting and typing will be affected.  Plus, those things you take for granted – like using the restroom, unlocking your front door, carrying grocery bags, driving – all those daily tasks have to be adjusted because of this injury.  It doesn’t seem so minor anymore, does it? 

Don’t assume you won’t get compensated because you think your injury isn’t big enough.  Let your DC personal injury lawyer decide if your case is worth pursuing.

The Person at Fault Has to Pay Out of Pocket

Some people who have been injured because of the negligence of another individual don’t want to move forward with a personal injury case because they feel badly for the person at fault.  However, in virtually all personal injury cases, it is the individual’s insurance company who settles the financial aspect of the claim – not the at-fault person.

For example, in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company settles the claim, not the driver!  While the driver may experience an increase in his/her premium because of the car accident, that dollar amount is far less than the settlements awarded in personal injury cases.

Litigation Should Be Avoided

It’s a fact:  some lawyers just aren’t good litigators.  When you begin the search for your DC Personal Injury Lawyer, you need to choose one that will gladly go to the litigation phase for you to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement.  Litigation happens when the insurance company offers a lowball settlement or nothing at all.   When this happens, it is usually a sign that the insurance adjusters believe their customer did nothing wrong, or the insurance company thinks your lawyer can’t prove their client’s wrongdoing.

When your DC Personal Injury Lawyer accepts your case, this representation should mean that he/she will dedicate themselves to your case and work diligently to get you compensated for your injuries – even if it involves litigation.  Litigation typically means more time and more in-depth research and investigating, but when you have a great DC Personal Injury Lawyer on your team, litigation can mean thousands of more settlement dollars awarded to you.

DC Personal Injury Lawyer

We’re happy to bust those myths about personal injury law and to show you, our future client, what you can expect from your DC Personal Injury Lawyer.  Here at The Lapidus Law Firm, we pride ourselves on doing what is fair and right for our clients.  When you’ve been injured, knowing you’re case is in good hands will be stress relieving and will allow you to focus on getting better. 

Do you need a DC Personal Injury Lawyer?  It isn’t too late… call us for a FREE consultation.  Once you meet with our team, you are not obligated to hire us for representation, but you probably will!  With a top-notch work ethic, successful track record, glowing reviews, and award-winning litigation skills, our four decades of experience will show you that we’re the right lawyers for you. 

Call the Lapidus Law Firm today at (202) 785-5111 so we can get started!

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