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Washington, DC Child TBI Lawyer

When you have a child who is suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury, the complications directly related to their injuries can feel overwhelming.  Not only are you dealing with the fact that a child – most often innocently – was injured, but then you have the responsibility of dealing with the healing, emotional concerns, the possibility of long or short-term mental issues – and perhaps just as stressful – the medical bills that are piling up day after day as a direct result of their injury.

Despite all that seems to be going against you under the circumstances, there is help.  You can reach out to a Child TBI Lawyer at the Lapidus Law Firm.

Children and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A Traumatic Brain Injury – also known as a TBI – can occur in several ways.  It may be a car accident, a truck accident or even a slip and fall accident.  However, with a child, a TBI brings with it a whole other set of issues when compared to an adult TBI, because a child’s brain is still developing.  Recent studies have shown alarming statistic that concussions (even mild ones) are now linked to suicide, so medical professionals take child traumatic brain injuries very seriously.

Symptoms of a TBI in a Child

If your child has suffered a bump to the head and displays any of the symptoms below, take them to the doctor immediately for a thorough check-up.  You may question whether or not it can wait for a more convenient time, but the decision to hold off could also be the decision between life and death.

There are several symptoms related to the possibility of a TBI, some of which include:

  • Compromised coordination/balance
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Headaches
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty Hearing
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Visual Changes
  • Loss of Taste
  • Loss of Sense of Smell
  • Reduced Attention Span

Child TBI Lawyer in DC

If you are looking for a lawyer because your child or a child you know has suffered from a TBI, you’ve likely been told that you need to find a DC personal injury lawyer.  However, you’ll also need to find a lawyer that has extensive experience in TBI cases.  That’s exactly what you’ll find with your team of Child TBI lawyers at The Lapidus Law Firm.

With more than four decades of experience, Larry Lapidus won’t allow the insurance companies to deny your insurance claim, and those medical bills that are piling up will likely be resolved with the fair and reasonable settlement obtained for you by The Lapidus Law Firm.  Call today for a free consultation at (202) 785-5111.  We can help.

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