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When to Hire a DC Personal Injury Attorney

If you are asking yourself whether you should hire a personal injury attorney, chances are you need one. You might be tempted to handle a claim with the insurance company yourself, but there are many cases in which this isn’t wise. Experienced attorneys are familiar with the legal system and know the best course of action you should take for your individual situation. Several circumstances can tell you when to hire a DC personal injury attorney. 

Serious Injury or Permanent Disability 

Serious physical injuries can be costly in terms of time and money, especially when it comes to the initial medical treatment, follow up appointments, physical therapy, and bills. If your injuries have left you permanently disabled, the cost of long-term care and equipment needed for mobility can be debilitating. The right attorney will review your case and help determine if the financial impact of your injuries warrants a fair and reasonable settlement. 

Unclear Liability 

If you have been in an accident in which fault has not been clearly determined, you may struggle to receive a fair settlement from the insurance company or be subject to claims from the other involved party. A personal injury attorney can review the details of your case and advise you on how best to protect yourself while taking legal action.  

Multiple People Injured 

If you were not the only one injured in an accident, insurance claims could get complicated. Multiple claims can leave insurance companies even more reluctant to provide a settlement that will adequately cover your medical and personal expenses. A personal injury attorney knows how to navigate this situation and a potentially lengthy process and will guide you toward your best chances at a fair settlement. 

Lost Wages 

If your injury has resulted in significant lost wages, a personal injury attorney can work with you and the insurance companies to advocate for a settlement that takes that into account in addition to medical bills and personal property damage.  Many personal injury claims include lost wages in the settlement negotiations, and a well-versed attorney will aim to include lost future wages as well, if applicable. 

When to Hire a DC Personal Injury Attorney 

There are many additional reasons that you may need to hire an attorney for personal injury, and that’s why we’re here. Our experienced attorneys at The Lapidus Law Firm understand the intricate workings of the legal system and will fight for you to receive a fair, reasonable settlement.  The best time to contact a personal injury is immediately after the injury occurs. However, don’t get discouraged if you did NOT call a lawyer immediately. WE CAN STILL HELP!


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