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Maryland Workplace Accidents are Bountiful, Costing Millions

In just a few years’ time, Maryland has paid out hundreds of millions in work related accidents, an amount that is becoming a serious concern. In an article written for the Huffington Post, the concern over the amount of money for work related injuries and deaths were evident. Between 2008 …

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Real Estate Tycoon Dies in Sky Diving Accident

The president of Winoker Realty, a well-known Manhattan real estate company, has died in a skydiving accident. Investigators are now debating on whether the David Winoker has suffered wrongful death. Winoker was ready for his skydiving experience just days before Father’s Day to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Little did he …

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How Texting is Affecting Teen Drivers According to Studies

Recent studies have shown an increase in teen driving accidents. It is believed that texting plays a major role in teen driving accidents in the past year. The statistics show an 11% increase since 2011. Over the past few years, technology has become more advanced and texting has become quickly …

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Accident Lawyer from Maryland or Washington DC Discussion on Property Damage

Whenever you are in an accident where property damage or injury has ensued, you need to be sure that you hire an accident lawyer from Maryland or Washington DC. There are many reasons why it is imperative to hire an accident lawyer after an accident. When you are in an …

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Hire a Washington DC Accident Lawyer for an Aviation Accident

Aviation accidents are less common than a motor vehicle accident or even a construction accident for that matter. However, when they happen, the results can be quite devastating. If you know someone that has been in an aviation accident, you should hire a  Maryland and  Washington DC accident lawyer. Whether …

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When You Need an Accident Attorney in Washington DC for a Workers Compensation Claim

Not all accident attorneys handle workers compensation matters, but an accident attorney in Washington DC will be capable of doing so. Workers compensation claims involve those who were injured at work and are trying to receive coverage for their injuries through their employer’s compensation. When a person files for workers …

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