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Real Estate Tycoon Dies in Sky Diving Accident

The president of Winoker Realty, a well-known Manhattan real estate company, has died in a skydiving accident. Investigators are now debating on whether the David Winoker has suffered wrongful death.

Winoker was ready for his skydiving experience just days before Father’s Day to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Little did he know that he would be involved in an accident that would cause him death. Not only did Winoker die, but his instructor Alexander Chulsky died too. Medical examiners found a bruise on Chulsky’s neck that may be an indication that the accident may have had more behind it than just a toggle that didn’t unfasten.

Accidents like this aren’t very common, but that makes it even more difficult to figure out the cause. This is why anyone involved in such accidents or even family of those who suffer in accidents like this, should hire a Washington DC or Maryland accident lawyer, if in the Maryland area. They can help find the cause of the accident by hiring investigators and reviewing medical reports and accident reports.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious life altering injury or even a possible wrongful death from an accident as tragic as a skydiving accident, call a Washington DC or Maryland accident attorney for representation.

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