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What is Pain and Suffering?

The PG County Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

Injuries caused by the negligence of someone else can be excruciating and complicated.  Sometimes it isn’t as simple as getting more rest and relaxation to get better.  Proper healing often entails numerous visits to the doctor, the physical therapist, the pharmacist to pick up pain medication, and much more.  Also, don’t forget the lost wages that can bring about immense stress as well.

Recovering from injuries caused by someone else – whether it be in a car accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, or in any other possible scenario – can create a lost list of problems, and that’s why your PG County Personal Injury Lawyer will include pain and suffering in the negotiation of your settlement.

What is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering involves the physical pain you are experiencing because of your injuries, and also the impact of that pain that can lead to emotional distress.

Physical pain can be easily proven in the documents on file with your doctor.  The treatment you received immediately after the accident will play a key role in determining your settlement amount, along with when you received that treatment.  Also necessary is the follow-up care you participated in, such as physical therapy.

Much like the physical pain that is endured from concussions, broken bones, and other wounds, emotional pain doesn’t just disappear.  In many cases, depression can set in as the injured individual struggles to get back to a normal way of life that existed before the injury.  Other possible emotional issues that often arise when someone is in physical pain include anxiety, fear, shock, and grief.

How is Pain and Suffering Calculated in My Settlement?          

It is the job of your PG County Personal Injury Lawyer to ensure that pain and suffering is included in your settlement.  If you don’t obtain representation from a highly regarded PG County Personal Injury Lawyer, the insurance company may overlook this key element in your settlement offer. 

Here’s why:  There is no formal way to gauge your pain and suffering.  This may be hard to believe, but most (if not all) insurance companies use a software program that literally puts a price on your injuries.  This program does not take in to account the complications you are enduring as a result of those injuries.  It also does not include the sadness you experience day-to-day because of your injuries, and the goal of the insurance “professionals” is to keep your settlement offer as low as possible so they can they can keep the billion dollar insurance industry alive and well.

This is why it is crucial that you get a skilled PG County Personal Injury Lawyer when you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.  You need to be able to pay your medical bills and make up for the wages you are losing because of your injury.  You PG County Personal Injury Lawyers will dedicate themselves to making sure your settlement offer includes EVERYTHING you have endured, and we’ll pursue the highest amount possible in each area so your settlement ends favorably to you.

PG County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident of any kind, don’t wait any longer: contact your PG County Personal Injury Lawyer at The Lapidus Law Firm today.  Whether your injury occurred in a slip and fall accident, a car or truck accident, in a beauty salon, a place or business, or in any other manner, we can help. 

We bring to you four decades of serving the injured.  When you choose The Lapidus Law Firm, you choose to win your case, and our goal is for your pain and suffering to be relieved because of our services.

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